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Scholarship & Excellence

Besides long-lasting friendship, philanthropic success, and an amazing college experience, sorority women at the University of California, Davis strive for excellence in academics. Many chapters have study hours, mentors, and other sources of programming to enhance their member’s academic performance. Many chapters also offer scholarships and recognize success via awards for academic excellence. Also, according to UC Davis Greek Life statistics, the average student in a sorority or fraternity at UC Davis has a higher grade point average (GPA) than a non-Greek student!


- The Greek Study Lounge, which occurs at the end of each quarter, provides an opportunity for Greek students to study together on campus and receive free study snacks, scantrons, and bluebooks for finals! 

- Panhellenic will be having Greek Study Hours where Panhellenic sisters can stop by the library for snacks and be able to study either with sisters or independently. Check out our Instagram for updates!



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