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Alpha Phi

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Founded: October 10, 1872 at Syracuse University

Philanthropy: Women's Heart Health & The Alpha Phi Foundation

Symbol: Ivy Leaf

Color: Silver & Bordeaux

Flower: Lily of the Valley & Forget-Me-Not

Motto: "Union Hand in Hand."


Presidential Message:

"Hi! My name is Peyton DeLaney, and I am the Chapter President of Alpha Phi! Alpha Phi is a chapter full of incredibly well rounded, strong, and confident women. Each individual member adds something special, and as a whole, we come together to create something remarkably strong in every aspect- from philanthropy, to academics, to our forever sisterhood. I am eternally grateful to Alpha Phi for giving me my best friends, amazing memories, and unbelievable opportunities that have enriched my college experience. I could not be more proud to be President of this chapter that has changed my life forever!"

- Peyton
Alpha Phi President 2023

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