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Our President's Message

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Hello Everyone! 

My name is Ida Mousavi and I am absolutely honored to serve as the Panhellenic President this year. I am a third year student from Granite Bay, CA,  majoring in NPB and minoring in American Studies. I love watching movies and reading--my favorite book/movie series is Harry Potter!


Let's take it all they way back to the beginning. Many moons ago, in 2019, I joined the Panhellenic community. By my second year here at UC Davis, I decided to become the Panhellenic delegate for my chapter which gave me the opportunity to become more engaged within the Panhellenic community. After seeing how wonderful the Panhellenic community is, I decided to become a Pi Rho Chi. This was when I fell even more in love with the Panhellenic Community. I met so many phenomenal, unique, and beautiful women from all of our chapters. My past experiences with Panhellenic were such a gift. I got to meet so many strong and confident women who made me grow as not just as a leader, but also as a person. All my lovely experience with Panhellenic made me want to be even more engaged with our Panhellenic community, so here I am! This position has given me the privilege of meeting even more inspiring women within our community. Panhellenic has changed my life in the best ways! 


At UC Davis, our council is made up of 7 executive officers and 10 delegates, one from each of our 9 NPC chapters and 1 associate chapter. These officers are responsible for all the duties of Panhellenic such as recruitment, academics, philanthropy, and inter-greek relations. The Panhellenic chapter delegates are then tasked with making decisions that affect the entire Panhellenic community for the better. 


The Panhellenic Community at Davis is truly one of a kind. We have so many exceptional people who come from many different backgrounds in all of our chapters. Our community celebrates everyone's different perspectives, ideas and contributions, not only to their own chapter, but to Panhellenic as well. The Panhellenic Executive Council strives to create a positive, inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted. We strive to create productive change within our Greek Community. Everything that we as a council do is for the betterment of our entire community. 


If you are thinking about joining a Panhellenic chapter, I strongly encourage you to do so! Not only will you will meet so many people but you will also get to meet so many amazing women, make so many friends, and have countless experiences that you will take with you beyond your years here at UC Davis! 




Ida Mousavi

Panhellenic President 2022

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