Butterflies on Bid Day

April 14, 2016


March's 1st Place Winner

On bid day, I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I knew that I had a great preference night with my first choice sorority, but I couldn’t help feeling nervous. What if they changed their mind about me? Or worse, what if the one I ended up with turned out to not be the right fit for me? Even with my nerves, I was mostly excited because I knew that my bid could be the key to unlock crazy adventures, great friendships and connections with amazing women. When I held the envelope with my bid in it, I knew I was holding my future.


Opening the envelope and seeing I had gotten my top choice made me feel incredible. Running outside and feeling the vibrant energy and excitement from everyone was an indescribable feeling. All the happiness and positive energy really made me fall in love with the Greek community. Yet, that wasn’t the moment that I remember most vividly from that day. When all the new members and I walked back to the house together, we were surprised by our new sisters waiting for us at the house, holding signs with our names and cheering for us. We had to wait for the streetlight to change before we could cross the street and waiting there with all the new members just built up all the excitement even more. The longer we stood there waiting, with the active members yelling our names, the more the energy built up. When the light finally changed, everyone took off running. As I sprinted across the street, I felt like I was running home. I ran straight into the arms of a girl holding my name and even though I was hugging a complete stranger, I felt complete.


That day set the tone for the rest of my experience in my sorority. Just like on bid day, my amazing sisters continue to provide me with support, joy and a place to call home. I almost didn’t even go through recruitment, but I so glad I did because my sorority has changed my life for the better. 


With Panhellenic Love,

A Member of Kappa Alpha Theta

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