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March 18, 2016



February's 2nd Place Winner            

We all sat in tiny circles of five or six, the chapter splayed across the backyard, sunshine beating down on us just a little more than we’d have appreciated, waiting for one of the Recruitment Chairs to finish explaining the game. It was late September, and as part of any good recruitment, we had mini sisterhoods, to get to know each other again. We took breaks in order to do these, and we all gladly took the seat on the grass, even if it was rather pokey AstroTurf grass. The game fulfilled two goals, to get to know our rotation groups, and to understand how to pick up and change a story. One of us would start talking about any subject that came to mind, taco bell for instance, the next girl would pick that up and start talking about her Chihuahua dog, the next might talk about a really cool dog they saw while traveling etc. This is one of my favorite sisterhood memories because besides the awkward intensity of trying your best to come up with a subject on the spot to switch to, I really enjoyed listening to sisters forcibly tell me about themselves. These types of sisterhoods usually bring about odd subjects, as we each reach for a somehow relatable string in someone’s sentence, or story, something you can’t get out of a girl with a simple “How was your summer?” During one of these games I found out one of my sisters rode horses competitively, a subject that came up as she switched off the last girl’s topic of great shampoo and conditioners for hair. (She picked up the subject with horses manes. Granted, a weird switch but that’s why there was practice.) This sisterhood is nice because it gives girls an opportunity to laugh at each other, even if they weren’t really the best of friends before recruitment began. 


With Panhellenic Love,

A Member of Chi Omega

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