A Trip To Remember

March 25, 2016


February's 3rd Place Winner 

Every opportunity I have been able to share with my sisters has been more than amazing than the last, but I’d have to say that Disneyland with my family was one for the books. What more could a sorority girl want than to take a fun trip to Disney with her twin, big, and grand-big, three of her most favorite people?! It was the most perfect scenario I could ever dream up; throwing up our letters in front of the castle for that perfect Instagram post or sorority squatting in front of Mickey’s fun wheel. What a dream come true! Spending time with them at school was one thing, but being able to go on a trip with them to the happiest place on earth was a true “hold the heart” moment.  It is these moments that make you realize how truly lucky you are, how amazing of a sorority you belong to, how happy you are because of it all, and how much of a difference the sorority and its members have made in your life. This is what I thought of while we watched the beautiful light parade at Disneyland. This is what I thought of when we rode Monsters Inc. 1,000 times. This is what I thought of when we held hands for the Radiator Springs Racer photo. I stopped, looked at the wonderful human beings around me, the people who I care for so deeply and love wholeheartedly, and just smiled; smiled because I just could not think of anything more beautiful than the sisterhood I was so blessed to be a part of. So, eating dole whips amidst the laughs and rapid walking to Indiana Jones, almost crying while taking a picture with Kylo Ren, riding the swinging gondolas in the rain, and taking that adorable picture in front of the castle was a total blast, but being able to share such moments with your family, your friends, your sisters was more than I could have ever dreamed of. When you think Disneyland can’t get any happier or better, just go with your sisters. 


With Panhellenic Love,

A Member of Delta Delta Delta

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